Garden life…

The one problem about being garden obsessed is all the garden chores makes me brain dead and humor impaired.  I planted everything that needed to be planted today because tomorrow the weather girl is calling for rain. Please rain because I didn't water everything. I planted 2 of my favorite flowers, but the sad truth is they dont survive many years here. (Digitalis /foxglove)

DSC_0003Maggie, " Life in the garden is wonderful and I am keeping a sharp eye on all that goes on around here and will report when necessary."
Zoey, " Yes everything here is green and starting to smell just perfect for the bees and  I had sooo much fun today chasing those bees."

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2 Responses to Garden life…

  1. Kateri says:

    I need you in my gardens…. (foxgloves and delphiniums and lady’s mantle and lamb’s ears are my favourites)

  2. Digitalis/Foxglove often used in murder mystery novels to do away with a loved (or un-loved) one – careful with that. Your friend, the writer.

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