This time of year I see all my creativity being channelled into my yard/gardens. I did venture in to my studio today but only to start sorting through the piles of stuff I keep placing in there to be dealt with later. I bribed myself after a little cleaning in the studio I could head back outside. My back yard is finally revealing its full potential…yes all my work is expressing its true beauty. I love the hidden dichotomy between my front yard and backyard……my friends are always shocked when they walk around to the backyard.

The view of the front area of my house and that is my driveway on the right.

DSC_0015The back of my house….
My back yard is so private. A perfect area for  dining outside and I like to pretend it is my French and sometimes Italian garden (it depends on what wine I am serving). But I do have areas that need allot of work. The one place I hope to start working on this week is the "shed" which would require several blogs to explain the history of this "shed" . For now all you need to know is that it was built by "Slow Builder Drunk Frank". I do believe it has tons of potential. But once again there is a vast dichotomy between the front and back of this building.

DSC_0007This is ghetto area of our property.

Maggie, "Oh life in the ghetto is wonderful."

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2 Responses to Dichotomies

  1. Gorgeous back yard. Perfect 🙂

  2. linda says:

    slow builder drunk frank….HA! love it!

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