Just call Lucky the snake wrangler……

 I am not sure wrangler is the correct name…..maybe snake destroyer would be more appropriate. A poor rat snake had ventured out of its hiding place to sun itself on the deck and the rest is history. I did start to take a picture of the dead snake and quickly came to my senses. A picture of a dead snake on a blog….no one would be returning to this blog. 

With the dead snake on the deck, my gardening spirits were some what dampened. I know snakes can be very helpful in the garden but I am scared of them. Actually I am more fearful that I cannot recognize a harmless snake from a harmful one. We have found several copperheads in our yard and even in our garage  (Pat did not tell me this for a year).

But I did get motivated and started planting.

Okay in case you are thinking I am an amazing gardener who can handle dead snakes….you are wrong. See the round debris container above…the dead snake is underneath it. I am waiting for Pat to come home and get rid of it.

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