A typical day…

DSC_0007Justin on Facebook first and then off to find a new pair of tennis shoes on sale preferable Nike and then begging Mom/Me to buy them.

Yes Megan is back on Faceback after her 6 week hiatus. There was a moment when I was upset about the amount of time these 2 spent on the computer. Then I remembered  I used to come home from school and watch channel 5 for hours( I cannot remember the lineup accept for the Flintstones). My sister's and I must have watched allot of television because my Mom became so angry she put a baby padlock on the television set's plug. But Jodi(youngest sister found the key). Watching T.V. took on a whole new meaning. You had to pay attention because at any moment that garage door could go up and Mom would be home. Remember there were no cell phones in those days so Mom couldn't call and say I am on my way home…hence warning those at home to turn off the t.v., get the girlfriend/boyfriend out of the bedroom, put the dishes in the dishwasher etc. But today I do call home and non of the aforementioned things are done……I am not going out on a tangent about teenagers today. In a side note: I was not as physically active( I barely moved) as the 2 computer obsessed teenagers in this house. Funny how things/life/desires change. Today as the kids spent hours on the computer I spent hours outside working in the garden.


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