Oh what a day…..

 It started with me finding an empty bunny cage. As you can see by Buddha's coloring he does not blend in with the landscape. Plus we have all sorts of critters in our neighborhood. Everything from domestic cats to wild snakes. But after much searching, praying and allot of cursing the next store neighbors called and said there was a white bunny hiding under their deck. Thank God Buddha is now safe and sound in his cage. Now if we can secure the lock so he wont get out.


Then I had to submit a photo of myself for the bio pages where I teach yoga. I hate pictures of myself. I have not developed the love of self photos that most kids today have. With a little help from photo elements I think this picture may work.Me
Now I am ready to open a bottle wine and enjoy American Idol. I am also praying the tornadoes from the thunder storm passing over us stay way to the south.

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