I’m back

Wow have I really not been here for six days. I guess I have been really busy. 

ZoeyZoey, "OMG is she really whining about being busy? She isn't busy just in a crabby mood because her washing machine broke and is going to cost lots of $$$ to have fixed. Plus she had Lucky's teeth cleaned yesterday and is still moaning about that bill. I told her Lucky's teeth where fine he chews on rocks for goodness sake that should clean them."
DSC_0006Lucky, "Oh my teeth feel wonderful and my breath is minty fresh."

Maggie," I hate to tell you dude but you just ate rabbit turds and your breath smells like s#%t."

DSC_0029I am leaving the dogs to argue amongst themselves. This was my creative endeavor for the week. I turned my apothecary jars into terrariums. I needed some live greenery in the house

DSC_0010I am seeing more green outside. Look my hostas and ferns are up. Yes the yard is showing a little more color each day but can we get rid of the rain and have some warm sunshine.
DSC_0010 DSC_0010Lucky, " Oh please the rain is making your flowers grow and all your grumbling is making my head hurt."

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