Spring has sprung here in Maryland. The cherry blossoms are incredible,the red buds are stunning, and the daffodils are magnificent. Amazing colors everywhere.

DaffodiljpgI was so excited yesterday when I noticed my ferns were pushing there way up through the soil. one variety is a little further along then the other. I think the fern just pushing it head up is my larger ferns. I forget the latin names. I just call them my big ferns and baby ferns. I know not the least bit original. 

DSC_0003I have been practicing allot more yoga lately. Attempting to keep myself grounded through the changing of seasons. I just stumbled on this question  and answer. Something to think about.

"Will Yoga and Meditation Really Change My Life? 
The most profound change I’m aware of just now is a growing realization that life is not personal. This may seem a surprising or even strange view to those unfamiliar with Eastern spirituality, but it has powerful implications. It’s very freeing to see that events in my life are arising because of circumstances in which I am not involved, but that I’m not at the center of them in any particular way. They’re impersonal. They’re arising because of causes and conditions. They are not “me.” There is a profound freedom in this. It makes life much more peaceful and harmonious because I’m not in reaction to events all the time. (134)" 
— Stephen Cope (The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker's Guide to Extraordinary Living)
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