Cover Model

Buddha, " I am thinking I should be on a cover of a magazine. I think Susan completely agrees. Why else would she have made this art work?"


Lucky, "Oh my goodness you are such an arrogant bunny just because she made a journal page with your picture has nothing to do with a magazine spread. Look she made a picture with me in it and I look so much more appealing than you. But I am not a fool and think I am going to be a cover model."


Zoey, "Are you two blind? I am the fairest one of all."
Okay enough I am interrupting this post before Maggie starts ranting. I am just curious what magazine wants any of you on its cover? Just be thrilled I put you in my journals….beggars cant be choosers….right?

Maggie, " I'm resting peacefully and have no need for drama."

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