Who are you?

IMG_0278Maggie,"Hi, I think last we spoke Lucky and I were forced outside in a thunderstorm. Ok maybe we were not really locked out of the house but we needed to put that bunny in his place and make sure you all were not fooled into thinking he was a sweet cuddly bunny. What is that famous saying ? 'Dogs rule bunnies drool'"

IMG_0290Buddha (bunny),"What? Did Maggie accuse me of being a horrible, nasty bunny? Do I look aggressive? No way… I am the poster bunny for sweet and cuddly. And about that end quote did you see any bunnies in Homeward Bound? I'm just saying."

BlogZoey, "OMG ENOUGH! I have been trying to stay out of this silly squabble and you guys have made that impossible. Really who do you think you are? It is time to find your inner buddhas…..Bunny live up to your namesake. Make this relaxed, artistic house proud. Im going back to my sun spot on the stairs and I do not want to be bothered again."

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