Bunny paintings

I am finished with the Skip Lawrence workshop. I am exhausted. More mentally depleted than physically. I had to really process this week and make art that took me completely out of my comfort zone ( without Xanax or wine..ha..ha, really I meant that as a joke.).

I cannot rave enough about Skip as an artist, teacher and person. If you have a chance go to his website and check out his workshop schedule and sign up for one. You will never for one nano second regret it.

Here is the "Bunny"series I completed this week. The first painting I call my exploration/foundation piece. This translate to, I don't like the painting but I needed the information so I could create the next two pieces.



Now I am going to relax and drink a glass of wine or two and get myself refocused to teach kids yoga tomorrow morning. I was thinking I could explain to the kids I am tired because I have been in a painting workshop all week but all they would reply is, "Wow! That is so cool! You are so lucky! You must have had so much fun! Why are you tired if all you did was paint?" 

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