Lots of purple

Pansy                      (Pansies that reseed themselves year after year.)
I am enjoying my quiet peaceful house tonight. One child(young adult) is asleep on the sofa and 2 others taking showers and getting ready to watch House. House is the show that Megan, Justin Pat and I love to together. But nobody is allowed to ask questions during the show….. I think that request was aimed at me from Megan( the more controlling member of our family).

 I love these pictures of flowers I took today. How wonderful to see color, lots of purple and no white.

IMG_0219                                      Lenten Rose(Helleborus Orientalis)
Thank God I will not be taking any more snow pictures until next winter. Now I just need a huge dose of motivation to get me working in the garden.

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1 Response to Lots of purple

  1. Kateri says:

    Motivation…you and me both! The flowers are lovely 🙂

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