Plain Lazy

Photo At this moment I am sitting in my favorite spot of the house this time of year…..on my bed because the light coming in the windows is bright,amazing, and beautiful. I should be in my studio finishing several /many pieces of artwork I have started but I am some how lacking in motivation. That sounds better than admitting to the fact that I am just plain lazy. I am going to get myself outside at some point to exercise and start working in the garden. I have so much yard clean up to tackle. But it is still in the 30's this morning 

Photo_3 and I'm waiting for the sun to start warming things up (high of 50 today). Plus I have the critters with me and If I move they will feel obligated to move with me and I would feel guilty for
disturbing them. I do have my sketchbook and Im IMG_0175 trying to draw everyday. I am following the advice of Danny Gregory . His blog and books are well worth reading. If I get done with sketching I could move on to my pile books. I think I will meditate first. Yes I have been meditating everyday for several months and I highly recommend a daily meditation practice for everyone. Have a wonderful day ☺.

IMG_0165P.S. Maggie,"I noticed she had not included a picture of me and I wasn't going to let that happen….jeez how could she ignore ME."

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