My Bookends

I have nicknamed these 2 dogs my bookends. No matter where I am they are both IMG_0161 with me.  But they don't particular like the idea of sharing me. It is a charming experiences when they growl across me at each other. (note megan in the mirror taking my picture…just another reason to play with my iphone.)

Justins and I have been having skee ball wars. We just  upgraded from the free app. to the .99 app. 

I promised you art work from yesterday. Here is the wonderful collage Megan created.


I also finished a piece…..

DSC_0003 Now I am off to practice  yoga. I taught a gentle class this morning to a wonderful group of people. My favorite is an 80 year old woman who is energetic, happy and delightful. But the class Im taking shortly is a lot more challenging….both mentally and physically. I may be crawling home. Enjoy your Sunday.

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1 Response to My Bookends

  1. Awe, I love this so much. These little bookends are just perfection 🙂

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