Dogs and Art

I find I have more photos I want to share and less words. Or maybe it is the Bedfellows fault of waiting to post at 10: p.m. at night after a long walk this afternoon and a fabulous dinner. What ever the reason I am tired.

My day started with these dogs trying to own my bed. Really there is no room for me…… and the heat these dogs radiate is amazing and overwhelming.

LuckyLucky, "OMG could the girl complain any more. I mean really did she the mention the several glasses of wine she had with dinner……oh no must be the walk that made her tired!"

 Ignoring the above comment.  Artfriends This afternoon Megan and friends were looking for something to do so I set them up in my studio to make 6"x6" collages. They  created some really cool pieces which I forgot to photograph but will do tomorrow. No the forgetfulness had nothing to do with the aforementioned glasses of wine. 


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One Response to Dogs and Art

  1. How could you resist the puppy love 🙂 I know they are hot tho – cats too!

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