Good day

I know I am a slow learner but I am now addicted to the Hipstamatic app. for my IMG_0063 iphone…..truth be told Im addicted to my iphone. But I may have to leave the phone in the other room when I go to bed, yes Pat is getting a little jealous. Maybe he just doesn't like me taking pictures of him all the time. Well he does have the fear of what ever picture I take will end up here on my blog. So I keep telling him he looks so much cuter when he smiles….well can you tell what he is thinking in this picture? Poor man I torture him endlessly. But you only torture those you love the most….right?

DSC_0006(Lots of art started but non of this pieces are finished. I promise close ups when complicated.)

Today was a wonderful day to make art. I guess all the planets were aligned because I had a field day in my studio. I worked on several collages. They are not finished but I feel I am going in the right direction with them. So maybe it is my new phone that has given me this burst of creativity. Nothing like playing skee ball in bed….or taking pictures with the Histamatic app…..

IMG_0091(If I torment Pat it is only fair I torment PJ…♥♡♥♡.) 

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