DSC_0022Yes, I am dreaming of doors being left open so the smell of spring can waft through my house. I am dreaming of flower pots on my deck bursting with color. I am dreaming of spending an entire day outside with the sun to keep me warm not my down-filled jacket. The reality is I am stuck inside with a bad cold. I know its DSC_0002 bad when Pat stays home to make sure I go to the doctor because he doesn't like the sound of my breathing and my coughing. Yes I am one of those people who likes to say let me give it one more day I am sure its just a virus and I do this for several days and I have asthma tendencies so once I cold settles in my chest I do sound like a 90 yr. old woman who needs an oxygen tank by her side. But all is good today because I did go the Dr.(ok Pat drove me) and was prescribed meds Dogsinbed which I'm taking. So I will be up and running in no time. Plus how can I stay sick when I have these critters by my side helping me to get better and I am reading The Sharper Your knife the Less You Cry by Kathleen Flinn . A day in bed with dogs and books maybe I am dreaming.

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One Response to Dream

  1. Loved that book. Her Beef Bourgignon (I know this is mispelled) is the best.

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