"Sometimes we offer ourselves to someone in an act of kindness; perhaps we anticipated a need or perceive an oversight. Love of our neighbor propels us to act generously. It can be painful when our act of charity is unwelcome. Like germs, negativity is also contagious. We can catch a cold by not washing the germs from our hands; we can become uncharacteristically negative by not washing the negativity from our hearts. We may not, of our nature, be inclined to discuss the shortcomings of our colleagues or neighbors but when we spend time with those who are so inclined we may not even notice this odious little habit growing in our heart like a silent cancer. Let us keep careful watch over our hearts (and our feet) so that we may keep them clean. Blessed are the clean of heart for they shall see God. And they shall see Him everywhere!" I love this and I found it on the nuns blog from my high school blog  . Yes I want to an all girls catholic high school. Actually I went an all girls catholic school from first to twelve grade (2 separate schools)  This blog is full of insight and humor. Please check out this post titled "Return of the Christmas Ass" post  

Today is "quote day". I guess I am looking for words of wisdom to carry with me for the day.
CSLewisQuoteI drive Allison to work every morning and lately she hasn't been a great mood. For today I am hoping my hat makes her smile….
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