Happy Day

Last night I did walk to the neighbors and was very thankful Pat came with me and offered to carry the wine. I knew I would slip and break the bottle which would have made me very sad. I took this photo after we got home.DSC_0007This the same photo taken this morning. A beautiful winter wonderland. 

DSC_0007With this much snow in Maryland school was cancelled. Which means happy pet day in the Greene house.
Even with everyone home I still managed a short meditation. But I felt that being home with everyone(fyi Pat is a teacher) was my yoga.

"Our bodies and minds are in perpetual activity, even while we meditate. Many new meditators worry that they have too many thoughts. It is a common misconception that meditation is about completely emptying the mind, but closing our eyes and meditating doesn’t stop thoughts; it simply helps us disconnect from them. Thoughts, sounds, and physical sensation aren’t distractions in our meditation . . . they’re part of our meditation and part of being human. We don’t try to stop activity, we don’t do anything with it . . . instead we let activity drift into the meditation and then let it drift out, and all the while we witness it." The Chopra center

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