This Moment

I was reading a favorite blog by my friend Linda and her words shouted, screamed, shrieked, and hollered at me.

"and that's where the secret of wholeheartedness starts. it isn't about rock climbing and BASE diving and starring naked in a broadway musical (just checking to see if you're awake on that last one). it's about living your choices fully, i think. and also not letting those things in your life that are beyond your control try to control your reaction to the life you have. what if this is your moment to shine? Shineon what if it is this very moment? is my heart full enough to accept the gift that will be placed in it? have the corners been swept clean? is the best china on the table in my heart? will the gift that comes to me get cruddy and tarnished as it enters, or will it feel welcome and take root and grow beautifully? that's wholehearted for me. going about the mundane and everyday stuff in a grateful manner, giving it my all. done. my new word fits. and so it is."

After last nights episode I plan on living wholeheartedly today. What happened? I chocked on raw carrots. I have never experienced my airway being completely blocked before. Needless to say it scared the SHIT out of me. Thank God for a fabulous neighbor who performed the Heimlich maneuver on me. Well he didn't have a choice as I shoved my whole body against his with my arms in the air. He did at first ask if I needed my inhaler and I guess it was a good thing I could't speak.

Thank god for adrenaline because he grabbed me around the waist and squeezed. Later he committed," I have never done the Heimlich maneuver before and I didn't think I knew how." Well I am proof he knows how. This is what I learned  1. chew my food until is almost liquid 2. Never talk while eating even if I have to move to another room and eat alone. 3. Once airway is blocked don't drink water it creates a vacuum and no alcohol would not have been a better choice 4. Never eat raw carrots…never let raw carrots in my house 5. avoid veggie trays…they could cause death or ruin the atmosphere at dinner party.

So go and enjoy your day and …………Awakening

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One Response to This Moment

  1. linda e says:

    oy vey! the lowly carrot trying to seize control. feh! thank god it wasn’t a radish. or that damn tree wannabee broccoli. glad you’re here. f’real. the world would be a different place without you, you fast-talking yogini artist person.

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