Paintings vs. poetry

Im involved in an online art class and a 21 day yoga challenge. Frustrated with myself because Im not accomplishing as much as I would like. I am not doing the writing assignments for the online class  because I would rather paint or draw and I hate writing about myself especially in the form of a  poem……I would rather put an icepick in my eye. So I paint….. I feel painting is a form of poetry. DSC_0012

With the yoga challenge I am supposed to be keeping a food journal……nope not doing it. I feel it is just to much work. For the past 9 nine days I have practiced yoga and/or meditated. I am attempting to eat healthy. I am just not writing about every piece of food I put in my mouth and how I feel about the piece of food. Wait does painting food count………   DSC_0010

I guess this apple looks happy or I am happy painting the apple. Sorry no poems about the apple. But how about another painting demonstrating how I feel about yoga……

Yoga shine                      (pretend its a poem)

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2 Responses to Paintings vs. poetry

  1. Anne Quinlan says:

    beautiful – thanks for sharing your journey. you’re an inspiration! much love – a

  2. Jane Wang says:

    Really good post! Have a look at my latest painting:

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