This weekend Pat's Dad and brothers are visiting. No girls just the boys. I am very lucky to be able to watch/witness this experience (I guess I could use the word bonding but I think the word has been over used and sounds to serious). Some of my favorite moments are when they do an update to see  who is the tallest, who has the most grey hair, and who has the least amount of hair. Or last night when they decided to teach Allison's boyfriend a few life lessons (clearing the table, dishes in the dishwasher….nothing to serious.) Lots and lots of laughter. 

Yesterday they visited the World War II, Korean, and Vietnam memorials. Then they headed to Georgetown for lunch (at Martins). Today they are off to visit the Battlefields in Gettysburg. Mms95picture

  (In the picture starting from the left Brett, Eric, Mark and Dad in front…..Pat is taking the photo)

The evenings have been enjoyable. I have been listening to all their wonderful stories. Tales of childhood and family life. A family of 4 boys and 1 sister (wonderful Peggy who is staying with Mom while the boys visit) have  funny and very entertaining stories…..or maybe it is just these boys/men. All I know is I am very blessed to have this brother-in – laws in my life because I grew up with 2 sisters and no brothers.

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