DSC_0082The clouds have been amazing to watch the past 2 days. I have seen dark clouds, lights clouds, and pink clouds. I have seen big billowy clouds, thin stretched out clouds, and layers of different colored clouds.
DSC_0082My friends hate it when I wonder out front and dare to leave them inside. They are truly annoyed and are not about to appease me with a "cute dog" picture.   Now I am in bed feeling wonderful… nestled amongst my pillows with only the white dog( maggie) at my feet. Earlier this evening I was worried because the middle of my back was very sore and I was even wondering if it was some weird form of ingestion. Then I remembered "Flip Turns". For some reason my swim instructor felt I needed to master this technique today.

All I know is my sinuses are clear (thanks to chlorinated water forced up my nose many times),the middle of my back aches, and I still cannot do a proper flip turn. Maybe next week.

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