Life Lesson


(Jack with his sisters)

This past week my family was taught a valuable lesson. My nephew Jack was riding his bike 1 block from the family beach house on a very quiet quiet street. He took a tumble off his bike, he was not wearing a helmet, and landed on his head. Jack got to take his first helicopter ride to the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children where the doctors did emergency surgery to stop the epidural bleed in the front part of his brain. Thank God the crisis is over and he is recovering in the hospital. His poor mother is still distraught and has said many times," I argued with him all day about wearing his helmet!".

Pat went shopping yesterday for new  helmets for my family. and I don't think we will ever have another argument about wearing a helmet.


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One Response to Life Lesson

  1. Charlie Smith says:

    Love to you and your wonderful family. The world is a much richer place because of every one of you – and my world is HUGELY enriched by your presence – so yes, wear the damn helmets – because we (the rest of the world) need each and every one of you. Prayers continue.

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