I loved Dominique Browning's editorial columns in House and Garden. Here is an excerpt from "The Well-Lived Life."………..We all have those days (or weeks or months) when only the simplest pleasures seem desirable those days seem to come when we are making ourselves crazy in pursuit of what we thought was the well-lived life. There’s no question that living well means different things to different people. For some it means a life in pursuit of power. Or wealth. Accumulation. Display. For others it has only to do with a life that revolves around family pleasures. For a noble few it means a life of spirituality. A turning inward for guidance, and a turning outward only to guide others. It might even mean a life of shunning the material world altogether. Which brings me to the furniture. I am a person obsessed with houses and gardens. For me, living well begins at home. It is the place that refreshes and restores me, the place from which I launch my engagement with the larger world, both social and spiritual. Richly and sensibly appointed rooms aren’t just a way of throwing money at the walls (or, in the garden, into the dirt). Decorating has power. Our rooms have a huge influence on our lives. They express our passions, our desires, our interests, our habits, our loves. A room full of books with a comfortable sofa is a room made for contemplation and for discovering the wisdom in others’ words. A room full of sofas and chairs that can be pulled into different groups, around a low table for drinks or in front of a fireplace, or in the bay of a large window, is a room for conversation, for the pleasure of dis- covery in one another. Walls covered with art tell you some- thing about where truth or beauty or provocation lies for one person; bare walls, and perhaps a window framing the trunk of an old tree that has been lovingly tended for years, tell you another story. Lawns whose sweep embraces ball games, and gardens that encourage hide-and-seek, tell us one thing; rooms whose furnishings graciously welcome animals—and small children—tell us even more.

 Parts of my well-lived life this summer…..


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Alliand justin


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