Arthur Avenue

A whirlwind trip to New York. I left yesterday picked up Megan and we spent the night in the Bronx. Today I shopped for incredible Italian foods on Arthur avenue……the little Italy of the Bronx. I bought bread, bagels, Romano cheese, mozzarella, olives, sausages, cookies, and treats.

Now I have sat down to watch the movie Local Color. All of the paintings in the movie where painted by George Gallo.

Picture 63_Along the Canal, New Hope, Pennsylvania
When you understand the very simple lesson I have just stated, then I believe you are not only on your way to painting masterpieces, you’re also on your way to a far deeper understanding of the universe. Not the universe of science, but the universe of the soul. It is in these quiet hours that you will get as close to God as you can here on earth and with a little luck and a lot of patience, come as close to happiness as you’re ever likely to know.  " George Gallos

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