Good morning and I am so excited for this beautiful sun filled weekend. 

0418000958aI am reading Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison. Here is an excerpt from what I read this morning…

In yoga, the first step when we enter a posture is to establish our gaze. Our eyes literally rest at one point. The gaze is mindful: we are meant to actually see what we are looking at. Yoga uses the senses – sight, sound, sensation – to bring us into the present. This practice of drishti, or gaze point, is the same as the old Native American practice of teaching children to see what they are looking at. As a species we have a wondrous heritage of connectedness, of communion, of being present, of celebrating the fact that we are at once engulfed by and at one with the divine. Our yoga practice allows us to participate in this tradition. Our willingness to see what we are looking at allows us to perpetuate it.

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