Bergers cookies these are my favorite cookies. They now sell in a 2-pack which is a much safer package to have in my kitchen. I am ending week 2 of my detox diet so no cookies allowed in my house but I can dream.

My dilemma for the week. Monday I went shopping with my daughter. I decided after years of watching what not to wear to take Stacey and Clintons advice and be professionally sized for a bra. So what is the dilemma? Up until Monday I purchased my under garments at Costco. (i know tmi) and I was buying the wrong size.(NO I am not going to tell you my bra size)

Who knew real bras were so expensive..OMG. I stood in the dressing room trying to decide what was more important bras or hair color. I know this sounds shallow but to a middle aged woman whose body is changing faster then when she was a teenager this decision mattered. So I went for the bras. I showed Megan(15 yr. old daughter) my purchases. She picked up one of my bras and got a horrified look on her face.

Megan(horrified), "Mom this is a push-up bra."

Mom, "I know and isn't it beautiful."

Megan, "I guess….But uhh you are …uhh I mean you have uhh (muttered)husband…why would you……….???

Mom, "because I want to look sexy ( i think I said good not sexy).

Megan,"OH Mom…. yuck!"

Where would I be without my kids to keep me grounded ( and laughing) ?

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One Response to Dreaming

  1. Linda says:

    i’m familiar with those choices! didja peek at the Spanx? Linda

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