Cupcake Run

Today Megan ran in her first 5k race. It was also the first time she has ever run 3.2 miles. She was so excited because we got free Moxie cupcakes for entering the race.

Cakes-5K-Race-logo-FINAL_webShe realized she may be in good shape but not great shape.

 I have a knee that doesn't favor running but I was able to walk and still enjoy the festivities of the race. The money raised from the race supports Moxies operated by Cakes for Cause.

Moxie Bakery and Café is a social enterprise operated by Cakes for Cause and provides job training and support to youth in Frederick who have aged out of foster care or who live in public housing in our community. Moxie offers youth apprentices real work experience and learning opportunities that put them on the path to successful adulthood.

Yes I am still on the detox diet. I have gone 9 days without coffee, wine, sugar, wheat, and soy. It has been a challenge but I am persevering. I have been experiencing headaches. But I think that may be do to the ridiculous high pollen count. But the blossoms are lovely.


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