I am thinking today it is time to stop searching for answers and just enjoy spring. Look at the silly dogs searching for a chipmunk. I always wonder will they do if they catch one?


Long term yoga practitioners learn that if you want to be a truly great person you have to master not just the attainment of material success and accomplishment, but the enlightened perspective to remain non- attached and peaceful when it is time to let it all go. The truth is that despite our property laws, trademarking, copyrighting and ownership deeds we do not actually own or control anything. ….Instead of ownership, perhaps stewardship is a more enlightened way to navigate through life. Success is a not possession when we attain it. Instead it is an experience that we receive and like all experience it passes. If we try to hold onto it we lose it. …… Every experience comes into our life to enrich us and then it leaves. ……. But yoga helps us learn that the reality of life is that everything changes sooner or later. Nothing in the material world lasts forever so the only lasting peace comes from aligning your sense of self with the eternal nature of your being within. The residual feeling of every experience is an echo of love etched into our soul’s memory

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