Spring Cleaning

I am signing up for the spring cleanse at  Holostic health assoc. I have never done a cleanse before and I am worried that this may not be one of my smarter ideas.

Are you preparing to clean your house and wash the car? 

Every spring, we engage in the ritual of spring cleaning. 
The grime, the dust, everything that has built up over the
winter is wiped anew. The house looks better, 
the windows are open, the air is fresh, and we feel better. 

More and more people are beginning to realize that this spring cleaning ritual should include ourselves; not just with 
a long hot bath, but with an internal cleaning too!

Spring Detox Program

Spring is a great time for a mild detoxification and HHA is
offering a program that will do just this!

Spring Detox – The Program – 4 week focus

Goal: To clear unwanted toxins in order to reset and refresh!

What does the program include: 
– 1 integrated evaluation and detox training with acupuncturist/

– 2, 30 minute follow-up consultations 

– 1 canister Mediclear supplement 

– 1 individualized herbal support formula

– Detox workshop – Orientation

  • learn about the principles of healthy detoxification
  • learn about the energetics of food and how to cleanse year 
  • round as part of a healthy diet
  • meet the other participants

– 3 ear pressure point treatments 

  • to help curb craving, reduce headaches and calm the 
    nervous system
  • ear seeds can be left in the ear throughout the week 

– Online support and education- blog

 facilitated by acupuncturist/herbalist

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