More stuff

I attended my favorite tag sale at chartreuse. I bought a several fun items that I did not need but I felt they belonged in my house. The pillow is for the sofa. 

DSC_0022This cool black window/grate/thing was adorned with clothespins and photos. I was not thrilled with the clothespins but I think I will be able to find some interesting clips. Now I have to find the perfect place to hang it.
DSC_0024I found this  pair of blue pots and was enthralled with the blue. Pat noticed them right away and said "cool you got 2 of these pots." This is my wonderful husband who never really notices the smaller items I bring home. So I guess these pots were a  good choice.

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One Response to More stuff

  1. terry Fryer says:

    Cool stuff! You could make something really cool with the screen thing. There are some neat clips out there. Great finds!

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