A wonderful night…

Last night was one of those miraculous nights where everything works. First  Pat was able to take a lovely picture of our four children. This is a rare moment to get all four to agree to a photo shoot. Not only did they agree but they smiled and no one blinked. 

DSC_0003 We where heading out the door to celebrate Allison's 21'st birthday ( the real day is Jan. 27).  Yes my oldest is turning 21 and I have not reached 30 myself…how does this happen?
DSC_0009It was wonderful to have both my sisters( Jill & Jodi) and my Mom at  dinner.
DSC_0076This was the final photo of the evening and it made me laugh when I downloaded it. The girl who PJ has his arm around his Callie my sister Jodi's oldest of 4 girls. The other two , Jack and Christy belong to my sister Jill. 


Between us three girls we gave my parents 11 grandchildren and after a night like tonight I realize I am blessed  to live close to my sisters and my nieces and nephew.DSC_0048


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