How to Build Extreme Frustration….

The perfect guideline to extreme frustration

1. Write a research paper about Vinyasa flow yoga at the age of 47. 

2. While writing the yoga research paper practice portrait drawings for online drawing class and try to stop worrying about the canvases you need to prep for oil painting class on Wednesday.(note you have not painted with oils since you were 16 and someone else can do the math). 

3. Do not forget to have your phone by your side while writing and drawing so you can receive texts from homesick daughter in Baltimore who says she hates the program she is in and will you come pick her up.

4. To relax and clear ones mind for a moment before returning to writing, drawing and texting turn on the show Hoarders on A&E.

5. Oh and try to ignore, while watching Hoarders and not writing, drawing or texting, how much ones scalp itches with 18 metal staples in it.

6. As the frustration builds and as you are wondering why you are not handling these situations… remember you cannot do the yoga you are writing about which would help you relax and draw portraits, not be upset with homesick daughter, not turn on the tv, and not worry about the oil painting class with the most talented teacher….BECAUSE you chose this week to have 4 lumps/bumps removed from your head which resulted in 18 metal staples in your scalp for 1 week.

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