Today I went to a tag sale at Chartreuse . Did I need anything? No but I did find something I could reuse and give an old item a new purpose.  Last week I started an oil painting class. I have not painted with oils since I was in high school…oh so many years ago. 

DSC_0006 I wanted a container to transport my oil paints and I think this old suitcase is perfect. I get great satisfaction out of reusing/recycling and old item. 
DSC_0004After my morning out shopping, I returned home and finished reading The Glass Castle. My goal for this new year is to finish the numerous books I have started. I was shocked when I stacked up the books I had started but not finished. I used to never start a new book until I  finished the one I was currently reading. I guess the more complicated my life has become the more books I start but do not finish. Finishing The Glass Castle motivated me to clean my studio. Now I need to practice with my oil paints. 


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1 Response to Reuse

  1. Charlie says:

    Please don’t make me count all the books on my bedside table that I have started and not finished! Is this a resolution? Loved the shopping, and mean to post pictures of my picture purchases as well.

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