Everyday life

I am currently reading Everyday Sacred by Sue Bender. This book caught my interest when I read…..

"I do not want to spend my life making a mess and then cleaning it up.

These incomplete tasks weigh on me-my mind often focuses on what I am not getting done rather than what I am doing"

Everdaysacred  I am trying to de clutter and simplify my life. But here is the irony of this statement. I have recently committed myself to a structured exercise regime(which includes my yoga certification program), signed up for 3 one month long internet creative workshops. One on photo journaling which I am currently involved with, the second workshop is about painting and starts in a week and the third is about writing which starts in two weeks. One of my justifications for enrolling in these workshops is they will provide me content to blog with as I am trying to blog every day. Yeah I know basically I am nuts. In one breath I preach my need for quiet and simplicity and the next moment I am acting on my fear of not having enough creative inspiration in my daily life. My need for solitude is in direct conflict with my need to be connected.




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2 Responses to Everyday life

  1. linda says:

    if you figure that out, please let me know! it’s my hamster wheel!

  2. i loved that sue bender book…

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