Design vs. Content

I glued the pictures in my journal and created the colors on the pages around the pictures and now I am stuck. I want to journal on the colored paper around these pictures but I cannot find the words to write. I have become so obsessed with how the words will look on the page that I have no idea what to write. So now I am wondering what is more important the actual design of my letters/word or the content of what I am writing? 



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One Response to Design vs. Content

  1. Kelley says:

    I get hung up with this too. I’ll get a beautiful background all put together and then be afraid to put anything on it for fear of messing it up! One thing I learned at Squam is that my art journal is for play – anything goes in there and nobody ever even has to see it (unless I want them to) because it’s my private space for whatever I want to do or say. That has sort of freed me up alot. I won’t say that I don’t still have some wordless pages in my journal, but I’m getting alot freer with it.

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