Puke Queen

 I wish I had either news about Kiersten or something amazingly creative to write. I have neither. I think cleaning up dog puke all day has left me drained of any and all creativity. I am starting to have sympathy naseaus pains. 

It all started yesterday when Zoe knocked over the outside trash. The other two dogs quickly joined her spreading the debris all over the yard. They hit the jackpot and found lots of pork rib bones. Well these bones did not agree with Zoe. Me being the foolish pet owner let her sleep on my bed this morning. What a mess!! Okay enough about dog throw up. Here are some fall images. Oh and Buddha bunny is my favorite pet today.


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One Response to Puke Queen

  1. Linda E. says:

    i feel your pain, my friend! and they don’t even appreciate all you go through….sheesh. 🙂

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