The Process revised

I have blogged recently about enjoying the process. Being almost any activity the process is more enjoyable than the outcome. Okay today I have changed my mind. The process at the moment of raising my children(who are all teenagers) is NOT fun and far from enjoyable. The simple act of turning in homework, which is not graded, is proving to be impossible. Taking away cell phones, banning (not limiting) the t.v. and prohibiting sleep-overs are weekly occurrences. I have included some pictures of these children on probation……

DSC_0018Not sure my methods are working….they look happy.
FamilySo who is enjoying the process now?

I guess my Mother's wish has come true….."I can't wait until you have kids of your own one day and they act like you!"


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3 Responses to The Process revised

  1. They look perfectly adorable and innocent to me 🙂 Can’t imagine what you are talking about, lol.

  2. Charlie Smith says:

    The process may indeed be – at times – less than enjoyable – I hear you and I feel your pain – but you are such an amazingly loving, listening, open, encouraging, accepting parent – and an equally brilliant friend – I hope you take a moment and a breath to appreciate the magnificent works of art who are your children; the shiningly glorious works of art that are your paintings, photos, blogs, journals, and sets; and the achievements of creativity and color that are your friendships: You are an exceptional woman who hears the voices of the Universe and lives them, and I hope you always embrace that.

  3. Linda says:

    which explains why i have dogs! xoxlinda

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