Maggie and fall

I had to post some cute pictures of Maggie to remind myself that the $165.00 vet. bill just for her fall skin allergies was worth the visit. Oh did I mention I rescued this allergy ridden dog from Westie rescue. Yes I was told of her condition but I was praying that after four+ years her allergies would be more manageable or just less expensive. Truthfully she has come a long way from the skinny girl with almost no hair that my husband brought home to me. She has broken me of my older habits of searching the Westies dogs to be rescued lists. But do not worry for she does not live here at the Greene house alone…..



Today I am really noticing that fall has arrived. I love seeing red and orange leaves mixed in with green leaves on all the trees. I am thrilled with my japanese grass (I think the common name is blood red.) How beautiful is my one remaining petunia whose color is the perfect fall red. 



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One Response to Maggie and fall

  1. I *love* all your critters 🙂 I wanna come visit….

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