I miss the view from cabin at Squam art workshops.


My thoughts are still spinning around in my head from this past weekend and I not awake enough to put all these thoughts together into a readable post. So I will continue to share my photos of this beautiful place.


I took these pics Sunday morning from the dock in front of my cabin.


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3 Responses to Squam

  1. missing you – so glad we were able to play again together
    until the next time – you are the best Susan!
    xoxo – eb.

  2. Peg says:

    Sue, fatique and exhilaration seem to be the theme this week for SAWers! I’ve been hitting bed by 8pm each night. Haven’t even uploaded my photos-too much “business” to tend to and waiting for time I can savor the joy. In answer to Q on my web studio: those are photos of my “wet” studio at the little cabin we live in mid-week. I love it. I am several feet below ground level and look out at the woods. Lots of animal life, a great place to be in a snow storm. Lovely piece (above)on your dad. Now I see where you get your joy and great laughter from. Blessings, Peg

  3. Linda says:

    i love Pooh! there should be a religion called Poohdiasm! you have a twin…a friend of mine from 911 looks identical to you, (IDENTICAL) but she’s a gritty, swearing tough girl…it’s so hard for me to look at you (well last week) and reconcile it with all the emotion & beautiful art you express! I love the paintings/collages you did here! Linda

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