Summer Is For Play

I hate making important decisions in the summer. I think there should be some world wide policy about no decision making in June, July and August. Summer should be all about play.DSC_0021  No stresses, just enjoying delicious local fresh fruits, vegetables and ice cream. Now that I have made these statements it would be hypocritical of me to share my angst on a decision I need to make. I will continue to enjoy my summer and practice allot of yoga . I need to  incorporate what I am learning into my daily life. At the moment I am writing a paper about Isvara Prandihama " The essence of this Niyama is acting the best we can then relinquishing all attachments to the outcome of our actions. Only by releasing our fears and our hopes for the future can we really be in union with the present moment" Judith Lasaker ".  I do believe I need to make my decision and move on and not worry about the outcome. As Pat so clearly stated, stop waffling. Really I do not want to bogged down with all this stuff……. I just want to enjoy the summer.  

Cool kids

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