I have not been posting as much because life has been busy. School ending, dance ending, and summer beginning. I love this picture, the boys cooking. I wish it happened more because they are both good cooks.

Bunny is getting big and I do not know what to do with his cage for the hot summer months.
Eight  grade formal was Friday night.
I just finished my second weekend of yoga teacher training and I am thoroughly and completely exhausted. When people ask me why I am doing this I find myself unable to explain my inner devotion to yoga. I thought I would share why others do yoga.



“I did not come to yoga to stretch. I came to live.” Maya Breuer


“Practicing asanas began to teach me about myself. The body is such a great school of learning. It makes you pay attention.” Lilias Folan


“The challenge, and the opportunity, that Yoga presents to us is the possibility of breaking the conditioning cycle. We do this by becoming aware of the depth and pervasiveness of our patterns and, at the same time, by working to change them. And true transformation begins at the moment that we become aware of our actual condition.” Gary Kraftsow

“What I want to say is that there is a strong relationship between yoga on the mat and yoga off the mat. I’ve really come to believe that the energy accumulated in practice has a lot to do with my ability to get clarity about the reality of things.” John Friend



“People sometimes ask me what difference practice has made in my life. The answer is it’s changed everything for me. And, in a funny way, it’s changed nothing." Lama Surya Das  


“The most profound benefit of yoga and meditation for me has been a natural relaxing into my life. Obstacles are not so scary. I am more fluid, more curious, and at the same time more patient. I have more options for happiness because I don’t require specific conditions. It is a relief to discover that I can be happy even if the world doesn’t revolve around me or my agenda.” Cyndi Lee


“When I started doing asana, the yoga postures, I had a very strong feeling of many unnecessary things dropping away – especially tension and inadequacy.” Patricia Sullivan


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