The rythm of the body
the melody of the mind
& the harmony of the soul
create the symphony of life B.K.S. Iyengar

My first weekend is finished. My first weekend of many on my journey to become a yoga instructor. A RYT 200 hour program. An amazing weekend, so much to absorb, assimilate, and grasp. I was going to write "become proficient" but I am not sure that is possible with yoga. I believe it is an on going learning process. Always  learning about oneself as well as ones students. 

"We begin where we are Searching
and how we are and whatever 
happens, happens."
 T.K.V. Desikachar 

I had been searching for a meaning or understanding of my life when I found yoga. This weekend I felt like I was being told to stop searching and just live. To become a part of the process of ever day life. No wanting,striving or guilt. Start each day with my highest intentions and then enjoy the process. Always remember…… Whatever happens, happens.

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One Response to Yoga

  1. Mimi Skapek says:

    Oh, it has been too long since I last peeked at your blog. Just reading it fills me with smiles and a sense of peace. I’m happy for you that you found yoga. I hope it truly is all you feel it to be when you wrote this entry.
    Thanks for giving me a boost when I was about to grab a coke classic! By the way, Happy Birthday – I know it is today or tomorrow. Wish I were there to celebrate with you.
    One more thing, where did the bunny come from and I can’t believe, you, Susan Greene, caved and bought a “bunny leash”.
    Love ya, friend!

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