Tonight I am in an apathetic mood. Well maybe lethargic would be a better word or just plain tired. I have been spending my extra time working in my yard and it is starting to show some promise. I am suppose to be getting changed to go to the neighbors and watch the final episode of american idol. I want to stay in my comfy yoga clothes, pour a glass of wine and snuggle next to my daughter on the sofa. My house is so messy it is making nuts and I am dreaming of kicking everyone out….kids, dogs, bunny, husband equals stuff everywhere. Okay maybe I should keep the bunny it is adorable……..



Who knew they made special bunny leashes? Who knew I would be the sucker to buy one? ( no idea where this blue line came from or how to get rid of it.) Off to the neighbors and I am making one concession and not changing out of comfy clothes.

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One Response to Mood

  1. linda e says:

    what an incredible yard!! can i come relax?? 🙂 it is so peaceful looking…i don’t think i’d ever want to leave! see you in Sept? Linda

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