Today I am trying to get myself back on a schedule. I am also trying to eat healthy and exercise consistently. I am also focusing today on my wishes and or my intentions. I am not sure these two words are supposed to be interchangeable but for me they are. There is always that fine line, for me, the question of when do I put myself first and when do I put my family first. When am I using my family as an excuse not to paint, draw or finish any number of creative projects in the works?

 I have one of those minds that likes to tangent in many directions all the time. So I really have to make extreme effort to keep myself organized and on task. 
Here is the are collage I need to finish. I am hoping that by posting it I will see what I need to do to finish this piece…..some divine inspiration…or maybe it needs to be put away to worry about later.
So what are your wishes? No not the universal wishes for peace and the cure for world hungry. I mean your personal wishes? The wishes that will bring a smile to your face and create a general feeling of joy through out your body. I am off to play in my journal and the theme I am going to work with is the wishes of my heart.
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