Empty spaces

Today I am taking some quite moments and contemplating life and all its complexities of emotions..


Empty spaces, i have loved       

Empty spaces

time and time again

reaching for the unshone light

in hearts and souls of men.

 Op'ning shiny parcels of the words they fear to say

teaching them to speak themselves

so they can walk away.            Angel 2

All my prayers to Gods above       

a love for me to send

each brings closed souls to me

I open them, love ends.

Perhaps it's me I wait to love

my own soul, to embrace

seeking light from dreams denied

to fill my empty space.   By Charlie Smith

I am pondering life today and this poem spoke to what I am seeing and feeling around me. I love this poem it so beautiful but heart wrenching. I see so many people who are filled with sadness, the light in their eyes has dimmed or has turned to grey. What happens to certain people as they grow older? Does their brilliant light dissolve as their dreams die?

Can we help those around us to shine again?,

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