(beam us up Scotty they are all idiots down here.)

At this very moment I am waiting on hold with my insurance company to see if they offer disability insurance. I have a feeling I will be listening to this prerecorded doctors office music for awhile. Prior to this phone call I had a" lovely" chat with a woman from the Social Security who made me feel like I was trying to commit a white collar crime. This woman's attitude was she was on to me and was she going to prevent it. The moment when I almost dropped the phone was when she reprimanded me for filling out on the online application. Apparently Allison, the one I am trying to get services for  was supposed to fill out the form. Now I am a semi intelligent adult and I found the application confusing as hell so how was Allison supposed to decipher the application. 

 All I am trying to accomplish is to make sure my daughter, who is developmentally challenged, has medical insurance when she turns 21. I had could rant for pages but it would accomplish nothing. 
Enough with the diatribes of my life, how about some pictures when life was simpler….
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