Thank You Misty

I am shocked to say I am sad to realize the journaling month  is over.Crying collage
Thank you Misty for organizing January's month of journal activities. Truth be told half way into the month of January I almost deserted  this group activity. I felt slightly to completely overwhelmed by having to create a piece I wanted to share everyday. The reasons I allowed myself to conjure up to bail where brilliant. 
The lengths my imagination will travel to release my ego of any discomfort always surprises me. But it takes some time before I am able to step back and see the games  I have been playing with myself.
Today I learned another new trick and that was how to create these collages with adobe photoshop elements 6. All the images I have used are pieces I have created or altered in the past month.
Dear sweet Misty thank you for taking me to my edge. Thank you for showing me that this old girl can still learn new tricks and have fun at the same moment. Thank you for giving me a month to shine.
Misty collage
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1 Response to Thank You Misty

  1. kateri says:

    That is quite a month of creativity my dear! Looks so lovely all together like that, hey?
    Will write to you some time soon…I am so sorry it has taken me forever and a day.

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