Crayons to Giveaway

Okay still trying to play catch up with Misty's group, a journal a day. Blog4

THURSDAY – playing with crayons. 
The chair or right portion of this page is the crayon side. The window I painted with gouches.
FRIDAY make a page around a favorite Artist.
Years ago I found an article about Eric Sloane and knew I wanted to paint like this…. I  love his subject matter…..I love his use of color and light. I still love outdoor scenes and natural light but have not mastered the ability to paint them.
Eric sloane
SATURDAY my giveaway ( not sure how this giveaway is going to work but will let you know.)
My giveaway is a collage packet filled with vintage sheet music, old book pages, a few of my prints, etc. So please leave a comment or comments and on Monday I will do a drawing for the lucky winner. 
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One Response to Crayons to Giveaway

  1. kim beller says:

    hi susan,
    i love your beautiful vintage collage package,
    is it to late to put my name in for the drawing?
    your work is beautiful as always.

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