My darling daughter, Megan,  wrote this poem for me tonight. She wrote it in a word document and had the poem superimposed onto a lovely tree photo. I could not figure out how to reformat the image so it would download together. But I wanted to share the poem…. 

Do you want to know why I am green?
 Well I will tell you just
sit back and listen here I go.
see I am not green right now because it is not summer and my friends and I look
so beautiful when we are green.
 Slowly my leaves start becoming brown and brittle
when it is fall.
 So only if it could be summer all the time because you see I
like having clothes on,
 not being naked. 
Would you like being naked?
 I don’t think
 Also I want it to be summer all the time because I can show off how
beautiful I am. 
Now get up and look outside at how barren all of my friends and I are. 
Don’t you wish it was summer too.


tree behind you 



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